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How to sell digital goods on eBay and other sites where E-junkie buttons can not be used? How to use eBay digital delivery?

For selling a digital product (ebooks, phone cards, software etc.) on eBay and other auction/store sites, follow the steps below. E-junkie will deliver your product automatically after a successful PayPal payment.

  1. Create your eBay or other auction/store site listing
  2. Add your product in E-junkie Admin:
    • Go to E-junkie Admin and click on Add product
    • Enter the item name exactly as you had entered the auction Title in eBay or other auction/store site.
    • You can enter any price you want, as that is not considered for eBay listings. ONLY If you are selling on some other auction site, the price you enter should be the minimum at which your item can sell on that site.
    • Currency should be the same as the currency you are accepting in your eBay or other auction/store site listing.
    • Configure other options you need (download, codes, redirection) which you need for the product.
    • Press Submit button.
    • Go to E-junkie Seller Admin > Edit Profile. Make sure the PayPal e-mail you enter in your E-junkie profile is the same as the one you have entered in your eBay listing and is the same PayPal email where you will accept the payment.
    • You need to do this step only once for each product you are selling on eBay. You do not need to repeat this when you re-list your product on eBay.
  3. Adjust your PayPal account. This step is only required ONCE.
    • In your PayPal account, go to Profile, go to Instant Payment Notification Preferences.
    • Press EDIT, tick the checkbox to enable IPN.
    • Enter as your IPN URL.
    • Press SAVE.

Important Notes:

  • E-junkie is completely compatible with eBay collective payments, even if the payment includes the items which are not added in E-junkie admin.
  • If you are listing your product on some other auction site, E-junkie will handle that as well as long as the payment buyer sends you via PayPal includes the item name exactly as you have listed it in E-junkie.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Reseller System Updates

Hello, this is Shannon at and I wanted to drop you a quick note about recent improvements made to our reseller system. We now pay out on each click referred, each account signup, and pay out a recurring fee for upgraded accounts.

The payouts are now:
- $5 for each new account referred
- 20% for each premium account referred, recurring!
- 10% for each account referred from a reseller you referred- two tiers!
- $0.25 for each click sent from your link

If you referred a premium user to a $15 per month plan, you get $0.25 for the click, $5 for the initial free account upgrade, and $3 each month that person is a premium user. Earn even more when you recruit additional resellers. Make money off of their referrals.
I can also provide you with custom payout rates- just give me some background and we will see what we can do. Some resellers are making $10 per free account and 50% revenue share.

The improved reseller system is at:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Menjana Pendapatan Dengan Kongsi Fail Network P2P.

Anda boleh menjana duit setiap kali anda share file dengan network P2P. Anda boleh menjana dalam USD50-USD100 setiap bulan dengan teknik ini. Untuk bermula, anda perlu mencari program pay per install (PPI) yang bagus. Anda disaran gunakan Anda dijamin menjana minima USD10 cents setiap install dengan program ini. Lagi banyak install, lagi banyak duit yang anda akan jana.

Kerana terlalu ramai di dunia yang mencari pelbagai software, kaedah ini berkesan sekali jika anda pilih software yang laris. Ramai yang menjana wang dengan cara ini serata dunia hari ini.

Network P2P. P2P bermaksud Peer 2 Peer bermaksud ia protocol untuk orang berkongsi fail antara lain-lain komputer. Selalumya jika anda mahu download software, anda perlu download terus dari server.

Sebagai contoh, jika anda mahu download AVG Anti-Virus dari, anda akan pergi ke server Dengan network P2P, jika ada user lain yang mempunyai software AVG Anti-Virus di dalam komputernya, anda boleh dapatkan dengan menggunakan P2P network dari komputer mereka.

Software seperti Kaaza,Utorrent, Bitcomet, Limewire dan macam-macam lagi boleh membantu anda untuk mencari sesuatu software dan akan membantu anda untuk download sesuatu software dari komputer orang lain. Anda boleh mencari softwaresoftware yang popular ini di

Berikut contoh yang anda boleh buat:
Jika anda mahu share file AVG Anti-Virus, mula-mula download file berikut. Kemudian, pergi mendaftar dengan luxecash. Letak alamat anda di USA dan gunakan free proxy berikut ketika mendaftar : Sila Google, untuk mencari bagaimana untuk menggunakan proxy. Adalah lebih selamat untuk letak UK/USA sebagai negara anda.

Anda akan menerima file bernama “Luxecash Installer.exe”. Buat package.exe dengan mencampurkan luxecash dengan AVG setup (Hanya add Avg setup dengan Luxecash Installer. Ikut sahaja arahan yang diberikan, mudah sahaja). Sekarang rename file package.exe ke Avg Setup.exe. Sekarang share file ini melalui P2P networks seperti Limewire, shareaza dan lain-lain. Anda akan menerima 10cents per install.

Jadi, jika anda share file tersebut dengan 50 orang sehari (Dengan software yang laris, anda boleh senang-senang share hingga ke 500 ke 1,000 sehari bergantung kepada size fail tersebut). 50 orang ini share fail tersebut dengan orang lain lagi. Cuba bayangkan berapa yang anda boleh buat.

Ingat, ini semua automatik sahaja… sekali lepas tu boleh lepas tangan buat benda lain. Jika anda setup banyak-banyak file seperti ini, bayangkan berapa yang anda akan jana. Jadi, anda hanya perlu lapangkan dalam 10 minit setiap malam untuk share pelbagai fail dengan orang lain.

Anda juga boleh gunakan kaedah yang sama dengan torrent. Anda boleh gunakan banyak-banyak akaun supaya kalau mati satu akaun, satu akaun hidup lagi.

Mungkin, nampak agak sukar bagi setengah-setengah orang, tetapi teknik ini benar-benar berkesan sekali. Jauh lebih mudah dari cuba setup Adsense dengan Wordpress!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Selling Downloads on eBay

Selling digital goods on popular auction sites is a great way to market your product to a purchase-minded audience. Digital goods provide the added benefit of instant satisfaction through immediate product delivery making them very attractive to consumers. You should review the eBay Digital Item FAQ before listing your item. If you do not have, or do not want an eBay account, you can list your item for sale in the PayLoadz eBay Store.

UPDATE 3/31/2008: eBay has changed the policy regarding the Digital Goods listing flow which prevents sellers from using this flow to sell digital goods via Auction or Fixed Price. However, they do not state that digital goods cannot be sold using the normal auction listing process. In this case, the directions below still apply for the most part. The differences will be that there is no entry for a delivery URL. We suggest that sellers provide the Order lookup URL ( in their auction description. The key to keeping the delivery functioning when using the standard auction listing format is to ensure that the item name in the PayLoadz system and auction title match exactly.

You can use PayLoadz to immediately deliver your digital goods on auction sites like eBay. To do so, simply follow the instructions below.

Note: The instructions stated below describe auction setup using eBay. However, you can follow these instructions for other auction sites as well.
- PayLoadz account
- PayPal Business or Premiere account
- Auction Site account


Step 1: Get Item Name from your Payloadz Account
In order for our system to know which one of your products to deliver, you need to use information from our web site in your auction.

You must copy the exact Item Name as you have it entered in our system and use that as your auction title. this will allow our system to track which item you sold in the auction. You can obtain the Item Name from the product details page. In the example below, you would enter "Widget" as the auction title (without the quotes).

Step 2: Log into eBay
Log into your ebay account or
register for an eBay account if you do not already have one.

Step 3: Navigate to create listing

- Click on the
My eBay link
- Click on the
Selling tab
- Scroll down to the Selling-Related Links
- Click on "
Sell Your Item" link under the "Managing your auctions" section.

Step 4: Choose Fixed-Price Auction and Auction Category
Choosing the Auction Type
On the first page choose the "Sell at a Fixed Price" option and click "Continue". You can choose the normal Online Auction if you like, just be sure that you have Price Checking disabled in your PayLoadz profile.

Note: To use BUY IT NOW, eBay users need to have an ID VERIFIED account or feedback of 10 or higher on that account. International Note: ID Verify is available to US residents only, not International.

Auction Category
Choose the appropriate category for your item on the next page and click "Continue".

Step 5: Enter listing title and description information
Enter the Item Name you copied from the PayLoadz web site into the Item Title field. this will ensure that our system tracks the auction properly after payment has been made.

Enter an Item description in the text field. You can enter anything you like, but it should include a rights notice that says you are the authorized copyright owner of the item. Below is an example of this notice:

Rights Notice
For copyright holders, you may want to post a notice inside of your product description regarding ownership of copyright. This helps tell eBay that you own the product and have rights to sell it. Below is an example description:

RIGHTS: "eBay Username" is the eBay profile name for . is the rights holder for this download product. Therefore, the download file is an authorized version for sale and distribution.

Below is an example of the eBay page this information is entered:

Step 6: Specify your auction as a digital item auction
IeBay tracks digital good downloads differently than normal auctions. To have your item tracked as a digital good, click on the "List as a digital file or information" link found on the same page you entered the title and description. The following fields will appear. Fill them out as completely as possible, then click continue.

Note: You are required to enter the following items when listing a digital good:

Note: The option to list your item as a digital good is limited to certain countries. However, our system will still deliver the file properly if you follow the other steps in the process carefully. You do not actually need to specify the item as a digital good, but it makes the process a little more seamless. If you do not have the option to list the item as a digital good, please put the Order Lookup URL in your auction description using the following:

Retreiving your Purchase Download: If you have purchased or won this item, please visit the following URL to retreive your item:

Step 7: Enter item details
In the item details page, enter an amount for quantity to ensure you do not sell out of your digital item (ex. 100) and a price for your item. Note: Be sure to set this amount to the amount listed at PayLoadz if using the Price Checking feature in your PayLoadz account.

Click "Continue" when finished.

Step 8: Set payment and file delivery options
Setting payment option to require immediate payment via PayPal
In order to provide immediate and instant delivery for your auction, you need to require immediate payment to be made through PayPal when the customer clicks on the "Buy It Now" link. To enable this feature, you need to enter your PayPal email address as entered in your PayLoadz profile in the form field next to "PayPal - payment will go to". Then, you will need to turn on "Require immediate payment through PayPal for Buy It Now" by checking the box to the left. Once clicked the page will update automatically to look like the second image below.

IMPORTANT: The Payment Email you enter in your eBay auction MUST be the same as your PRIMARY PayPal Email Address, and the same as the email listed in your PayLoadz profile.

Specify the file delivery option
You need to specify a location where the customer will go to download their item after purchase. You should enter the PayLoadz Order Lookup page which is located at: After payment, the customer will be sent to that address and using information from their PayPal payment receipt, they can retrieve their order from our system. The eBay page below show example information:

Click "Continue" when all of the information has been entered.

Step 9: Confirm and Submit listing
Review the information entered for your auction and Submit your listing to make it live.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Menjana Pendapatan Dengan ZangoCash.

ZangoCash merupakan satu program pay per install di mana mereka akan membayar
pemilik laman web bila pelawat memuat turun dan memasang perisian zango di komputer
mereka. Program ini amat sesuai untuk laman web yang menawarkan fail-fail multimedia
untuk dimuat turun atau ditonton secara online.

Bagi setiap perisian zango yang dipasang, kita akan menerima bayaran di antara $0.10
hingga $1.45 bergantung kepada lokasi pelawat yang memasang perisian tersebut.

Untuk menjana pendapatan dengan ZangoCash, pertama sekali anda perlu memohon
untuk menjadi web publisher di ZangoCash sign up. Setiap permohonan biasanya akan
mengambil masa di antara 24 hingga 72 jam. Untuk memohon, anda mestilah
menggunakan laman web yang sudah mempunyai pengunjung dan menawarkan fail-fail
multimedia untuk dimuat turun atau ditonton / didengar di laman web anda.
Selain fail-fail multimedia, laman web lain yang sesuai ialah laman web yang menawarkan
wallpaper,desktop icons, windows themes dan sebagainya untuk dimuat turun.

ZangoCash betul-betul berkesan digunakan di laman web yang menawarkan file-file untuk
di muat turun atau ditonton / dengar secara online.
Jadi satu bentuk laman web yang paling senang untuk dibina dan memerlukan modal
yang sedikit ialah laman web video streaming. Kos yang diperlukan hanyalah untuk
mendaftar domain dan juga hosting. Laman web video streaming yang mudah dibina dan
mudah mendapat pengunjung ialah laman web video streaming yang menyediakan siri-siri
televisyen yang boleh ditonton secara online.

Untuk membina laman web video streaming ini, anda hanya perlu menggunakan
wordpress. Selain daripada percuma, wordpress juga terkenal dengan seo friendly dan
terdapat banyak-banyak theme-theme percuma yang anda boleh gunakan untuk laman
web video streaming.Selepas memasang wordpress dan memilih theme yang bersesuaian,
anda boleh terus mula memasukkan video-video siri television ini ke laman web anda.

Tidak ramai yang menyedari potensi ZangoCash ini malah tidak ramai yang tahu
bagaimana menggunakannya. Jadi jika anda bermula sekarang, masih tinggi peluang
untuk anda menjana pendapatan yang lumayan dari ZangoCash.

Menjana Pendapatan Dengan Homepages Friends.

Homepages Friends adalah antara program penjanaan wang GBP yang masih lagi
baru dan tidak ramai mengetahuinya. Buat masa ini, sewaktu report ini
ditulis,mereka masih lagi dianggap clean sheets site di mana mereka masih
membayar pengguna mereka dengan bayaran minimum sebanyak £20. Anda
boleh mendaftarkan diri di
secara percuma.

Di bahagian pendaftaran awal, anda diminta memasukkan alamat email dan
username yang bakal anda gunakan. Gunakan username seperti data, command, herf
dan php. Setelah semua pendaftaran selesai, anda akan menerima konfigurasi
data anda di mail box anda. Aktifkan login anda dengan kadar segera.

Anda hanya perlu klik bahagian "Use Homepages Friends On Another Computer"
dan sewaktu berada di paparan seterusnya, sila klik "Click Here To Upgrade
Your Search box".

Minimum payout Homepages Friends ialah £20 dan secara purata, seorang
pengguna internet biasa (tidak menggunakan teknik excessive, kafe siber dan
affiliate) akan mendapat sehingga £50 setahun.

Pembayaran akan dibuat dalam masa 30 hari atau 45 hari bergantung kepada
jumlah pembayaran samada mencapat sasaran minimum atau tidak. Ia akan
dibayar melalui akaun Paypal atau Bank Transfer.

Selamat mencuba dan menjana kewangan!